Hismile V34 Colour Corrector 30ml

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Hismile V34 Colour Corrector Serum

V34 works to brighten teeth by utilising colour correcting technology. By counter-balancing the different hues in your teeth, V34 conceals stains and improves brightness. Purple is directly opposite yellow on the colour wheel and is therefore its complementary colour, so a water-soluble purple dye is applied to your teeth to cancel out any yellow undertones.


  • Utilises colour correcting technology.
  • Non-invasive brightening treatment.
  • Highest concentration of V34 in our range.
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Product Name Hismile V34 Colour Corrector 30ml
SKU 793653
Product ID E281323
Brand Hismile

How to use:

  • V34 is best used as a post whitening treatment, however it can be used on its own daily or before an event, to eliminate unwanted yellow undertones on your teeth.