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AYA is an Irish owned Vitamins and Supplements brand created to help Irish families feel their best.  Our research-backed products are formulated by scientists to deliver noticeable health benefits for you and your family.  Living the AYA way supports a health lifestyle to make sure you’re feeling on top form.  No matter what life throws at you.

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AYA Electrolyte Lemon & Lime 20 Tablets

Save 33%

AYA Electrolytes Plus provides a rapid hydration formula with vitamins and minerals in a delicious Lemon and Lime Flavour. AYA Electrolytes Plus contains essential minerals including magnesium which contributes towards electrolyte balance and is essential for taking water into the cells effectively.

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Support your digestive health with AYA’s Bio Range supplements.  

Support your Immune system with AYA’s range of research backed vitamins and supplements.

AYA’s baby and kids vitamins and supplements offer great quality products at an affordable price.


Discover AYA’s range of bestsellers including their hero product ‘Ultimate One a Day’

  1. /a/y/aya-platium-biotix-10-billion.jpg SAVE 33%
    AYA Ultimate 10 Billion
    Special Price €12.03 Regular Price €17.95
  2. aya-digestive-bio SAVE 33%
    AYA Digestive Bio 30 Capsules
    Special Price €11.38 Regular Price €16.99
  3. aya-ultimate-one-a-day-30-tablets SAVE 33%
    AYA Ultimate One A Day 30 Tablets
    Special Price €10.02 Regular Price €14.95
  1. aya-folic-acid SAVE 33%
    AYA Folic Acid 90 Tablets
    Special Price €4.66 Regular Price €6.95
  2. /a/y/aya-omega-3-1000mg.jpg SAVE 33%
    AYA Omega 3 1000mg 60 Capsules
    Special Price €7.34 Regular Price €10.95
  3. /a/y/aya-vitamin-b-complex-tablets.jpg SAVE 33%
    AYA Vitamin B Complex 30 Tablets
    Special Price €9.35 Regular Price €13.95
  4. aya-kids-multi-crunchy-tablets-30-s SAVE 33%
    AYA Kids Multi Crunchy Tablets 30's
    Special Price €8.68 Regular Price €12.95