Remington Smart Nose & Ear Trimmer

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Our Nano Series Nose and Ear Trimmer is the perfect tool to remove uninvited hair. The anti-microbial Nano silver* housing and Active Blade Clean System makes for hygienic easy maintenance, actively resisting bacteria to dramatically reduce build up so you can groom with peace of mind.

Protect yourself from the hidden cause of skin irritation. The dual edged blade, coated with comfort tip technology is angled with precision to reach every possible stray hair easily and the rotary trimming head allows for accessible grooming - reducing the effort of achieving the perfectly groomed look.

This rotary head has been designed entirely to cut safely and cleanly, thanks to its curved plates that draw in hair from both the top and sides.

Fully showerproof, with a battery and two-year guarantee included, the NanoSeries Nose and Ear Trimmer is an essential for those with sensitive skin looking to stay on top of unwanted hair!


  • Active BladeClean system with wash out port for easy maintenance.
  • Anti-Microbial silver housing* for hygienic trimming.
  • Dual sided vertical trimmer.
  • Rotary trimmer head.
  • Comfort tip blades for safe & easy use.
  • Vertical guide combs for eyebrow trimming.
  • Showerproof.
  • Battery included.
  • 2 year guarantee.
More Information
Product Name Remington Smart Nose & Ear Trimmer
SKU 782176
Brand Remington
Instructions For Use Note: Your trimmer has been designed to be used in the shower if desired. Do not submerge trimmer when in use. It can be rinsed, or used in the shower, but not underwater. Note: Do not apply excessive pressure as this damages the trimmer head and may cause skin injury. To Remove Nose Hair • The vertical trimmer or rotary trimmer (NE3850) can be used for trimming the nose hair. • Insert trimmer’s cutting unit gently into the nostril. • Gently move the trimmer in and out of the nostril and at the same time rotate the trimmer. • Avoid inserting the cutting unit more than 6mm into your nostril. To Remove Hair From Eyebrows • Attach the vertical linear trimmer. • For trimming, attach one of the attachment combs onto the vertical linear trimmer. • Gently guide the cutting unit to stray, unwanted hairs along the eyebrow line or protruding from the eyebrow itself. • To remove the hairs completely, remove the attachment comb and lower the trimmer onto the skin and move over the desired area. • Use slow and well-controlled movements. To Remove Hair From Ear • The vertical trimmer or rotary trimmer (NE3850) can be used for trimming ear hair. • Insert the cutting unit gently into the outer ear canal opening.• Gently rotate the trimmer in a circular motion. • Avoid inserting the cutting unit more than 6mm into your ear canal. TO SHAPE SIDEBURNS AND BEARD LINES (NE3870) • Hold trimmer with detail trimmer blade (NE3870) facing you. • Start with edge of beard/moustache line and gently lower the trimmer blade onto your skin. Use motions towards edge of beard/moustache line to trim to desired locations in facial area and away from beard in neck area. To Trim Sideburns and Other Facial Hair Areas • The detail trimmer (NE3870) comes with an adjustable comb to trim sideburns and other facial hair areas to any length between 1 and 5mm. • To attach the comb onto the detail trimmer (NE3870), ensure the trimmer blade is facing away from you and then slide the guide comb over the back of the trimmer blade until fitted securely. • Hold the trimmer with cutting blade facing you. • Use a small comb to lift the hairs. Hold the comb at the desired beard or moustache length. • Move the trimmer along the comb to cut the hairs. Use light pressure and well-controlled movements to trim hair.