O.R.S Sport Mixed Berry Flavour 20 Effervescent Tablets

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Inspired by the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) oral rehydration solution, O.R.S Sport contains both a proven hydration formula and extra electrolytes to reduce fatigue and support muscle function. By replacing the salts and minerals your body loses in your sweat as you exercise, O.R.S Sport allows your body to restore electrolyte balance and absorb more water, faster.


O.R.S is used by:

People who lose excess fluid

Professional and recreational athletes

Visitors to hot/tropical countries

People who are dehydrated due to alcohol consumption

People who work in hot climates

O.R.S Sport with added Vitamin D & Magnesium

Simple Accessible Hydration.

Perfect for before, after or during exercise! Vitamin D Helps with maintenance of normal muscle function – both muscle contraction and repair.

This is particularly of benefit to those who often train inside or during the winter months.

Magnesium Contributes to normal muscle function, alleviates sore muscles and reduces tiredness and fatigue.


How to take :

Simply drop 1 soluble tablet into 500ml of water to create a delicious naturally flavoured and refreshing hydration drink for during and after excercise . 

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Product Name O.R.S Sport Mixed Berry Flavour 20 Effervescent Tablets
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