Nicotinell Mint Lozenge 1mg 96s

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Nicotinell Mint flavour lozenge is a medicinal product used to help people stop smoking by providing relief of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.The lozenge provides on-the-go relief when the urge to smoke strikes and dissolves in the mouth to release a dose of nicotine to help satisfy that urge. It is convenient, discreet, and an alternative option to our chewing gum and has a fresh, minty taste. Nicotinell Mint flavour lozenge can be used in almost any type of situation, no matter where.

1. Nicotinell lozenges come in a convenient pack, ideal for on-the-go craving relief.
2. The Nicotinell Product Range includes TTS Patch, Medicated Chewing Gum and Lozenge. Stop smoking aid. Requires willpower. Contains nicotine. Always read the label.
3. Easy and discreet to use.
4. Starts to work in minutes.



Nicotinell Mint 1 mg lozenge contains 1 mg nicotine (as nicotine bitartrate dihydrate). Also contains maltitol (E965), aspartame (E951) and sodium (9.8 mg per lozenge). See leaflet for further information. As we are always looking to improve our products, our formulations change from time to time, so please always check the product packaging before use.

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Product Name Nicotinell Mint Lozenge 1mg 96s
Product ID E69367
Brand Nicotinell