Lepu Medical Covid 19 Antigen Test 5 Pack

Clinically trialled 5 Pack Antigen Rapid Test Kit (SARS-CoV-2) Test Sensitivity: 95.06% (Clinical Trial) Test Specificity: 98.2% (Clinical Trial) Non Invasive Simple to use Convenient, no other devices needed Get result in 15 minutes Stable and accurate test kit The test kit is CE marked
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Product Name Lepu Medical Covid 19 Antigen Test 5 Pack
Product ID E265729
Brand Lepu
1.Wash and dry your hands before removing the package. 2.Place the test card on a flat surface, and remove the adhesive's cover-lay 3. Take out the swabs from stick-end. Then insert the swab fully into the nasal cavity until you feel resistance (about 2-3cm for adults) and gently rotate 5 times for both sides to collect specimens. 4. Insert the swab head into well A from the bottom of well B on the test card. 5.Add 6 drops of the Sample Treatment Solution to well A, then rotate the swab twice from different directions. 6. Fold the left side over to fit two sides together closely, and start timing. 7. Wait for the purple-red line to appear, and read the test results in 15-20 minutes. 8. After testing, put the test card, swab, and sample treatment solution bottle into outer package and seal it tightly. Dispose them in medical waste container according to local laws and regulations.