These are some questions we are frequently asked – please
ask us about anything else you need to know.

1. Will I have to change my pharmacy

You will always keep your pharmacy name,
which will be co-branded with Allcare

2. Will the partner’s superintendent
pharmacist continue to be responsible for
the pharmacy or will it change to be the
Allcare superintendent’s responsibility?

No, the responsibility for the partner
pharmacy remains with their superintendent
franchise pharmacist.

3. Do I continue to control my pharmacy?
Yes. Naturally as franchise partners there are
some additional commitments of being part
of a network.

4. Is it compulsory to use Allcare
Pharmacy’s shop designer and fitters?

Yes, we work with a highly experienced
and professional team, which ensures
consistent quality at great value and in a
timely manner.

5. Can my pharmacy hold onto our
successful product lines and will these be
added to Allcare’s product listing?

Yes, but as part of the process of becoming
part of the Allcare network your existing
lines will be reviewed. They will be assessed
against our preferred lines which may have
higher margins, terms and sale rates than
you currently benefi t from.

6. How will Allcare drive the business in
conjunction with me?

As a part of the support Allcare give, you will
have the benefi t of an experienced Territory
Manager who will ensure best practice and
performance effi ciency tools are used to help
your business to grow.

For any further information, please contact:
Bill Boucher
Franchise Development Manager
Tel: +353 86 043 3665 / +353 1 4287704