At Allcare, we have a range of free services that make it easier to manage your prescriptions, such as prescription texting, blister packing service and medicines review.

Prescription Texting Service

If you are on regular prescription medication, we can keep your prescription in the pharmacy and prepare your medicines in advance each month. We will then text you to let you know when they are ready for collection, saving you time and making sure you don’t miss any doses. We will also remind you when you need to renew your prescription with your doctor.

Prescription Collection Service

Allcare can also help you save even more time by collecting your prescription from your doctor’s surgery. Simply nominate us with your doctor as your chosen pharmacy, let us know when you have ordered your prescription and we’ll arrange to collect your prescription and have it prepared for you*. This will save you having to make a separate journey to the doctor’s surgery and avoid you having to wait in the pharmacy for your prescription to be dispensed.

*Participating doctor’s surgeries only. You may still be required by your doctor surgery to attend appointments.

MediSmart Blister Packing Service

It’s important to take your medicines properly. We can help you keep track of what you should be taking and when you should be taking it. With our MediSmart Blister Packing

Service, we will divide your tablets into separately sectioned blister packs, each marked with the time of day they should be taken. This will allow you or your carer to check that the right medicines have been taken at the right time.

We want to help you understand your medication. You can ask your pharmacist any questions about your medicines, including what they are for, how they should be taken and what side-effects you may experience. Your pharmacist can also advise on any non-prescription medicines or supplements you may be taking.