Our Top 5 Summer Travel Tips

From backpackers in South East Asia to sun searchers on the Costa del Sol, many Irish people opt to spend their summer months holidaying and travelling abroad. According to the central statistics office, between June and August last year a total of 2.5 million outbound trips were undertaken by Irish residents. Being ready for everything that travel can throw at you is essential in obtaining peace of mind, while enjoying yourself abroad. At Allcare Pharmacy, we are on hand to help with all of your beauty, sun care, and medical needs throughout the packing process. Your local Allcare Pharmacy can provide comprehensive solutions to all your potential travel difficulties.

Are you at risk of contracting COVID-19? The MedBot consultation is a tool which assesses a persons risk of contracting COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and provides recommendations on actions to take. The questions, analysis and results are based on the Health Service Executive (HSE), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on COVID-19.

This online web-based consultation assessment has been recognised by patients and medical professional as a valuable resource providing reassurance and factual, clinically appropriate information.

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