What is the seasonal Flu?

Seasonal Flu is a highly contagious illness caused by the influenza virus. The virus infects your upper respiratory tract, causing a spike in temperature along with general aches and pains, headache and fatigue. Symptoms can last for up to one week. People of all ages are affected by the seasonal flu. It generally occurs during the winter months.


What is the difference between a common cold and seasonal flu?

Flu symptoms come on rapidly causing a spike in temperature along with general aches and pains, headaches, and fatigue. A common cold usually starts gradually with a sore throat and a blocked or a runny nose. Symptoms of a cold are normally mild compared to flu.


How does the Flu vaccination work?

There are several different variations of the flu virus in circulation each year and the type of flu virus in circulation can change each year. This is why a new flu vaccine needs to be given every year. The flu vaccine helps your immune system to produce antibodies to fight the flu virus. When someone who has been vaccinated comes into contact with the virus, these antibodies attack the virus preventing infection.

The Flu Vaccination is strongly recommended for:

  • Those with a long-term medical conditions such as diabetes, heart or lung disease, moderate asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis and MS
  • People who are 65 years of age and over
  • Those whose immune system is impaired due to disease or treatment
  • Those with a body mass index (BMI) over 40
  • People with Down Syndrome
  • Pregnant women (can be given the vaccine at any stage of pregnancy)
  • Residents of nursing homes and other long stay institutions
  • Healthcare workers
  • Carers
  • People with regular close contact with poultry, waterfowl or pigs
  • Anyone living with someone in an ‘at-risk’ group

This year the government have announced that the flu vaccine will be available to all children aged 2 – 12 years free of charge. For children in this age group, a nasal spray vaccine will be given.


Considering the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is now more important than ever to ensure that you and your loved ones are taking every precaution to protect yourselves this winter. Your Allcare Pharmacy Team are here to help.

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